Define Photoshop Patterns

1 This tutorial will show you how to make your own photoshop patterns. Make a new file with 4×4 pixels in dimensions. Select the zoom tool. Right click on the background and select fit on screen. This will zoom your file to the limit.

2 Select the rectangular marquee tool.Select “Fixed Size” for the Style in the marque options. Choose 2px for width
and height. Click anywhere in your file, it will make a 2px by 2px selection. Use the arrow keys to align it in the center (see picture for details), fill your selection with black.

3 You are now ready to define the pattern. Go to Edit>Define Pattern…Name your pattern anything
you want. Make a new file (about 300X300 pixels) and go to Edit>Fill.. From the Use box select Pattern and from the Custom Pattern box select the big black dot that we just created, click OK. Your layer is filled with pattern.

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