Longitudinal India Trip part 5 – Images of Hyderabad Trees by Veeresh Babu

For over 7 years Veeresh has photographed trees in Hyderabad, or to be specific, the interaction between man and woman and trees. Thus we see trees with a religious significance, a tree to worship, to stand humbly before.

However, we also see other uses a tree can be put to, and one might add, in a uniquely Indian fashion. Thus, we see images of a tree used to advertise a locksmith’s services, or a tree to serve as a barber shop, or trees being used as a storage prop. Or even being used as a news agent!

Trees of Hyderabad was initially shown at the National Centre for the Performing Arts’ Centre for Photography as an Art Form, Bombay, between April 21st and 30th 2003. I am proud to be able to host this unique gallery.

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