Photoshoot with E-cigarettes

On our last meeting (Dec, 5th) we were fortunate enough to learn how to make smoke photography from Rain Davidson, and Dave Homen gave a small lecture on what makes a great marketable product photography. This was a sponsored event by (****insert type of anchor text****), which provided us with electronic cigarettes and sent us hired models to be photographed. I thought this was a wonderful opportunity to learn types of photography that we weren’t so familiar with. A lot of our members came and left with much inspiration and new style of adding cool smoke in their photo works.
The marketing aspect of our photography class was very interesting too, and we learned how photography can be used effectively combined with ideas that encourage people to buy certain products. For electronic cigarettes, the successful marketing idea was that of using the increased awareness of the effect of tobacco on human health. Due to this idea, electronic cigarettes have become popular among the tobacco users, and even some of the top celebrities in Hollywood have been promoting it by using them. It is reported that the coverage of celebrities who is using electronic cigarettes is increasing. For example, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Federline, Tom Petty and Ryan Seacrest are all notable e-cigarette users. Photos of them and other celebrities using electronic cigarettes have created quite a buzz among fans. Hollywood observers believe the well known health issue of tobacco is at the root of celebrities using e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative for nicotine without causing the voice changes, wrinkles, yellowed teeth and other negative drawbacks of tobacco cigarettes for actors and performers. Moreover, e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of models, styles, and colors, making it easy to use them as fashion accessories. And this is where product photography became so effective in terms of causing the boom in electronic cigarettes. By advertising stylish photos of models with electronic cigarettes, and enticing smokes around them, it caught people’s attention quickly and boosted the sales.

Checkout some of the amazing photos that we took that day:


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